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Heatwave about to hit NSW

Forecasters have been observing a "large series of weather fronts" which they believe will result in a "...seesaw of unstable and sticky conditions with sunshine punctuated by thunderstorms". It is predicted that the heatwave will stick around until Thursday. Remember to always wear sunscreen and a hat, as temperatures in Sydney are expected to reach "...the mid to high 30s". Those who may be more effected by the incoming weather, such as children, elderly and pregnant women, are encouraged to stay hydrated at all times and avoid the heat.

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Can an Apple replace your coffee?

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away" is a very popular saying and we all know the benefits it has. It contains high amount of vitamins, fibres, anti-oxidants and fibre which are beneficiary for health. But can it replace your coffee? According to a blog post by Amanda  Reichardt from Cornell University apple has the same effect as coffee. It does not contain caffeine but has 13 grams of natural sugar which has a similar response to caffeine because the vitamins are released slowly throughout the body which in turn makes you feel more awake. However unlike caffeine, there is no crash, mood swings or stress...

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How to cool your drink in 2 minutes?

Nobody enjoys taking a gulp of  hot soda. All you have to do for quickly cooling your drink is take a bowl of ice water with a little salt and completely submerge your drink (can/bottle) in it. You will notice a drop of many degrees in just a few minutes.  This video by Davehax Youtube gives you a lesson on how to instantly cool your dink.   

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