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Can an Apple replace your coffee?

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away" is a very popular saying and we all know the benefits it has. It contains high amount of vitamins, fibres, anti-oxidants and fibre which are beneficiary for health. But can it replace your coffee?
According to a blog post by Amanda  Reichardt from Cornell University apple has the same effect as coffee. It does not contain caffeine but has 13 grams of natural sugar which has a similar response to caffeine because the vitamins are released slowly throughout the body which in turn makes you feel more awake. However unlike caffeine, there is no crash, mood swings or stress as the higher amount of energy is caused by the presence of natural glucose in fruit. Caffeine makes you feel more energetic as it increases your heart and breathing rates which makes your central nervous system more alert.
Coffee and apple both have their own benefits and it might be impossible for you to replace our first cup of coffee with an apple but maybe you could replace your second or third cup with an apple and enjoy the benefits and experience of consuming both of them.

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