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Getting your baby to sleep!

The amount of times I see tired and frustrated mothers coming into the pharmacy requesting sleeping medication is astonishing, we blokes sometimes just don’t understand how important our role is in supporting our partners. It’s not all about giving her a few hours of sleep and nights off, it’s about the mum knowing that the days ahead are not hard and if they do get hard there is support.

Having a baby is a huge commitment. I remember a few months before my wife had given birth, she was reading a book while eating ice cream on the couch. I asked “what are your reading” she said “it’s a baby book called save our sleep”. I then arrogantly replied as most pharmacists would “was it written by a specialist” she replied “NO”, to which I said “why bother?”. Boy, was I wrong, my wife read the book, implemented and executed the recommendations and it truly did save our sleep.

I recommend this book to so many mums that I think I should have shares in the business. But of course not all mums get the same results but let me tell you, that same book my wife was reading was shared by other mums before her and passed on and it worked for them all. I guess even if it does not work 100%, you are educated about baby sleeping patterns and you’re trying something.

If there is one advice I have is that when you are stressed or things are getting too much for you, ask for support, whether it be your parents, your partner, your friend, your neighbour or a church group. Being born a woman you already possess great strength to endure whatever life throws at you but even the greatest sometimes need help. So, read and learn before you have your baby, and know that the moment you hold that young person in your arms all will be worth it. Sleep deprivation can be managed. If you feel tired or stressed please contact your local health care professional for advice.

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