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We are more than Just retailers! #HealthChat

Since I left Uni it has occurred to me that the pharmacy landscape is changing, we now sell soaps, Tuna, Salsa and Shoes. Not the ideal picture of a pharmacy, but times have changed. People see pharmacy as a one stop shop. But never the less we must still recognise that our local pharmacy is more than a shop. The health care professional at the back in the dispensary and out on the floor is just that, a health care professional. We are free to approach and have a wealth of knowledge.

What makes my Job wonderful is when I spend 5 years in a pharmacy and get to see families grow and people achieve their health goals. Sometimes we face issues and solve problems with our own experiences or the experiences of the thousands of others whom we have encountered along the years. We help people by just speaking to them and giving them advise, and best of all its free!

Your health is the most important investment and asset you have, no matter who you are, your health and wellbeing is important for your loved ones. We have helped so many people lose weight, quit smoking, and regain their sleeping sanity after giving birth, we understand all this and we have made available our #HealthChat Blogs and made available every day a pharmacist to answer general questions on facebook live every Thursday from 12-1pm and 5-6pm. With smartphones a #HealthChat is only a button away. Our website has a live chat feature so whenever you are stuck at work or on the train and you need a #HealthChat, we are here to help.

See you instore or online!

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